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Great Leaders Embrace Diversity

Grow your workforce, build diversity, and foster inclusion in partnership with agency professionals seeking to place qualified individuals with disabilities in jobs throughout the Yakima Valley.

Reach out to the Yakima Health District at dd@co.yakima.wa.us and see the possibilities:

Expand your pool of talent

Find employees who match your needs

Use free job coaches that enhance job performance

Enjoy high retention rates

Take advantage of tax credits

Create greater inclusion, diversity, and community impact

Am I taking on risk by hiring someone with a disability?

No. There may be some time investment when hiring someone with a disability, but with trained job coaches that help your hire learn the job and acclimate to their position hiring a disabled employee is no riskier than any other hire.

Won’t I have to invest extra time and make lots of accommodations for someone with a disability to join our team?

No. Hiring someone with a disability is just like hiring any other employee. You gain a qualified worker and a job coach that helps them navigate the particulars of their role at your business. However, there are credits ranging from $3,750 to $7,500 that may be used for the purpose of providing access to people with disabilities. Reach out to the employment agencies noted here on SeeAbilities.org to learn what hiring could look like for you.

How do I establish a relationship with an employment provider?

Reach out to one of the employment providers listed here on SeeAbilities.org. As you’ll see, there are several agencies in Yakima County that can help you find qualified individuals. We recommend interviewing agencies to get to know the candidates, discuss the skills you are looking for in an employee, and learn more about the types of candidates they have to help you with your staffing needs.

Thank you to all our partners